SOIL HEALTH: Nourishing OUR Futures


Conference: Farm Walk: Masterclass

• 22nd and 23rd August Conference at Dalby Event Centre

• 24th Masterclass – venue Jubri’s Hideaway

Keynote: Dr Jill Clapperton coming in person from Boston USA.With us for 3 days.

  • Dr. Jill Clapperton is the Principal Scientist and Owner of Rhizoterra Inc. and co founder of a wonderful international community The Gobal Food & Farm Community.  Which you’ll be invited to join following this event if you’re interested. She is an internationally recognized educator on how to create, measure, and maintain healthy productive soils that produce tasty, nutrient dense food.
  • Jills research has a strong focus on the effects of soil management and cropping practices (cover crops, companion crops and crop sequence) on soil biota.
  • With the strong belief that healthy soils grow tasty nutrient rich foods, Jill pursued research aimed at uncovering which agricultural practices naturally increase nutrient uptake in plants, and how this changes the nutritional value of food.
  • Recently, Jill has co-founded a new company called Edacious, that will help everyone know the quality of the food they eat, and assist producers to grow, raise and differentiate their food based on nutrient value.

John Kempf: 
John is an entrepreneur, speaker, podcast host and teacher. He is passionate about the potential of well managed agriculture ecosystems to reverse ecological degradation.
John believes regenerative agriculture management systems can:

  • Regenerate producer profitability and create economic incentives for producers
    produce crops that are inherently resistant to possible infections by insects, bacteria, fungi, nematodes and viruses, eliminating the need for pesticides.
  • Produce food that can regenerate public health, with an elevated content of immune compounds that transfer plant immunity to livestock and people, providing food as medicine.
  • Rapidly sequester carbon, build soil organic matter much faster than commonly expected, restore hydrological cycles, cool the climate, and reduce the water requirements of a crop.

All of these benefits and more can be achieved simply by managing soils and crops differently, in a manner that enhances rather than suppress biological function.
It is John’s mission to have these regenerative models of agriculture management become the mainstream globally by 2040.

In addition to being a grower, John is the founder of Advancing Eco Agriculture, Crop Health Labs, Ozadia, Kind Harvest and the Regenerative Agriculture Academy. He hosts the Regenerative Agriculture Podcast, where he interviews top growers and scientists about the principles and practice of implementing regenerative agriculture on a large scale.

Di and Ian Haggerty
Farmers from Western Australia who shall share their vast experience managing large hectare cropping and animal enterprises
Co-founders of Natural Intelligence Farming
Prospect Pastoral Co
* 25000 ha cereal grains
* meat & wool
* significant soil carbon sequestration
* return of native grasses and forbes over a variety of soil types and environments.
* practising soil regenerative farming for 20 plus years on numerous properties in the central/eastern wheatbelt with annual rainfall averaging 209 mm per annum (last 10-12 years)

to facilitate positive global outcomes by rebuilding soils and biodiversity using natural intelligences.
To produce premium food/fibre products supporting the nutritional needs of humanity, optimising health and contributing to climate restoration.

Fantastic opportunity to get access to the latest world class knowledge and network with like minded peers, or find your new crowd.

Afternoon of first day – farm walk to Young Seeds local Springvale property.  Russell Young is on a journey of exploring the integration of new SOIL HEALTH focused practices into well-established farming routines.

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