Keynote – Graeme Sait NTS

  • Marco Giorgio Rego NTS (practical)

Grower experiences –

  • Rowan Berecry -Good Rich Fruit
  • Neal and Kym Sullivan – Lochabar Enterprises
  • Radicle Seeds


Workshop Topics covered include:


Soil Health – the interplay between minerals, microbes & plant biodiversity

The Magic & Myth of Cover Crops

Removing the Guess Work – Super Cool Monitoring Tools – demonstrations / education as to use by Sarah Fea BEAR Biologics

Determine Your Limiting Factors – Soil and Leaf testing

Put the Microbes Behind the Minerals

The day also includes practical hands on demonstrations of easy to do ‘make your own microbes’ on the farm



Graeme is the CEO and co-founder of Nutri-Tech Solutions (NTS), a world leader in sustainable agriculture. He is also an author/educator responsible for over 300 published articles and a popular book, “Nutrition Rules!”.

Graeme has had a major impact influencing farmers, consultants, governments and key decision makers in Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Europe, Asia, India and of course, Australia and New Zealand (his original home country).

Graeme is an inspirational teacher, and the descriptor most commonly used by his students is., “life-changing”. See more on booking site…..

Example of the content he shall share from a group event we had recently in Toowoomba



Who is Rowan Berecry?

Rowan is the manager of The Good Rich Fruit Co orchard at Warroo, west of Stanthorpe.  The orchard was planted in 2010-11 and comprises 75000 Queen Garnet plums and pollinators.  Rowan transitioned to growing biologically / regeneratively nearly 20 years ago, having introduced biological practices to his own operations on the NSW / Central Coast.  The success of this change led him to introduce and expand these methods after taking on the Warroo orchard.


Who are Neal and Kym Sullivan?

Kym and Neal shall be our hosts for this event.  And are new to this farm Vale view, and currently have it in transition over to Organic Production.  A journey that they have done now on several properties and it is that wisdom that they shall share, how they’ve done it before, and how they are currently doing that on Vale View.  You’ll be able to see transition in real time.  They also are seed producers, and seed cleaners that make a vital contribution to the quality seed we have available in our region, esp for those organically certified.


Radicle Seeds?

Radicle Seeds is a farmer owned company based in regional Queensland. Committed to supplying Australian farmers with quality seed and strong varieties with regional adaptation to perform in challenging conditions.  They’ve got some of their plant breeding sites on Vale View.  Depending on where things are at seasonally, we may or may not be able to observe the site close up. But we’ll most certainly be able to learn what their vision forward is for untreated locally acclimatised seed.



What you’re doing is an important practise to adopt, and we shall be speaking about how to and practically showing you through out this course either for plants, soils, or products you’re learning about how to create.  Realising that you often don’t get a chance to get organised and purchase these even though you’ve often heard of them ect, I have added the OPTION to purchase some of the key tools when you book your tickets, and these will be given to you when you register your arrival on the 27th January.  Sourced from David von Pein The Meter Man, whom shall join us for BBQ one evening.


Shall keep you all informed as best I can as to the impacts of Covid 19 rules and regulations, as they do change rather too frequently at the moment.

We are on farm, in open air under cover circumstances with local fresh produce to nourish us.  Couldn’t ask for better really.


Look forward to seeing you all.  Lets kick off 2022 with an awesome collaborative learning experience. 😊





Event Co Ordinator – Sarah Fea BEAR Biologics

 any Questions please don’t hesitate to contact 0439 827927

– a limited number of spaces are available for on farm camping PLEASE RING ME ASAP if want this option!!!